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Zoë Starra is a singer, songwriter, and independent producer born, raised, and based in Toronto. Her music career began with over ten years of piano lessons in which she began mastering the art of producing music from her small bedroom studio. She is now a self-taught MK3 operator and takes pride in producing all her work herself. Her music is a blend of pop and electronic alternative rock and draws from her personal experiences and hardships.


She’s inspired by artists such as Grimes, Ashnikko, PVRIS, and Aurora. Zoë’s music creates a cyborg-inhabited, post apocalyptic world with a neo-futuristic sound carefully crafted into every song. In August 2021, she released her debut album, “Made of Steel”; the ultimate guide to surviving as a cybernetic organism in today’s anthropomorphic society that we all know and love.


She has collaborated with other artists such as Taabu, Jordan Schor, & Alex Exists.


Zoë’s sophomore album, “Kinship” centers around a sense of hope for the future and all matter that exists in it. It deals with learning to let your past hardships go and aiming for a path you can take pride in.

Press Photos


Photo by Evelyn Trista

Photo by Meg Moore


Photo by Amani Yasmin


Crafting Sounds from the Future: The Musical Odyssey of Zoë Starra

Red Handed Denial in Toronto, ON – Show Review

Red Handed Denial, Zoe Starra, MNTCLR & Astral Bell

November 4, 2022
Lee’s Palace, Toronto, ON

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